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Why are we special? Find out why Barcelona Apartments Info booking service is different and how can we offer special prices for apartmentss and the best service.

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Barcelona Apartments Info is much different from other reservation systems because of the following features:

  1. It is EASIER TO USE our system than any other ones.
  2. We provide MORE INFORMATION of apartments & apartment hotels than any other reservation system.
  3. We also offer additional SERVICES regarding your travel to Barcelona, Spain.
  4. Also Barcelona Apartments Info is FASTER than other reservation services.

During development of Barcelona Apartments Info we studied several other reservation systems from all over the world, to discover how we should design a better and more efficient site.

We checked these sites for the following features:

  • How easy to use them for an average customer?
  • How safe is it concerning your data?
  • How fast are they?
  • How much information you can get about accommodation?
  • How much information you can get about Barcelona?
  • How many other services are available on those pages?

After examining the websites we took the best of the best to develop a very easy to use, customer-friendly apartment reservation system.

Here are a few features that will show you why Barcelona Apartments Info is special:

  1. Our site looks like a TV, with a screen in the middle, and with a frame around the screen. When you use our site only the screen changes after clicking on menupoints. The frame doesn't change, it is always the same. Because of this feature it is very easy to use the site and very easy to find all information you are looking for.
  2. Because the frame is still you don't have to wait until both the frame and menu points downloading after each click.
  3. This feature makes Barcelona Apartments Info faster than average web pages.
  4. We provide the most information possible on our site about apartments! You will find more information about local apartments on our site than with any other. We will give you all general information along with pictures of all apartments and apartment hotels. In addition to this: We give our opinion and we will also provide guest comments about all apartments.
  5. The accuracy of information on our site is very important to us. In order to ensure you receive exactly what we offer you, we check all apartments and apartment hotels we list on our site PERSONALLY to ensure the appropriate quality.
  6. You can order tickets from us for several different programs in Barcelona, Spain. You can rent a car with us, you can arrange transfers to apartments and hotels prior to your arrival, and you can get a lot of useful information about Spain and Barcelona. We also provide several additional services.
  7. Your opinion is very important to us, therefore, Barcelona Apartments Info created two comment cards. One for this site and one for apartments. We will include your comment in the general information section of apartments on our site. If you fill out one of our comment cards you are automatically entered in a drawing to win prizes such as a free night at one of our apartments or apartment hotels in Barcelona for two people.
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